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Copywriting is one significant factor when you want to achieve excellent search engine ranking. Yet, a lot of times website owners think that all that they have to do is to incorporate keywords in page tags and include some keyword mentions in their articles. While SEO copywriting not exceedingly hard, writing for search engines is more complex than that.

“Search Engine Optimization” or SEO, is a method of writing viewable or easily scanned text on your web page which is very acceptable and readable for the internet user as well as targets certain or exact search terms, having the purpose of ranking high in search engines.

“SEO Copywriting” generally optimizes and enhances other on-page components for search terms being targeted, namely the title, the description and likewise keywords tags, alt text and headings.

Search engines require and look for authentic content pages, rather than additional pages which are designed solely for attaining high rankings; this then, is the concept of “SEO copywriting”.  And for this reason, search engines may not likely consider SEO pages with undesirable copywriting content.

Simply put, your site’s content must follow good marketing standards, having great interaction with your visitors because excellent “SEO copywriting” acknowledges the fact that humans make the purchasing decisions and not “spiders”.

It is recommended that your content comprises of about 250 words that are viewable per page, having a maximum of two targeted keywords or search terms located strategically inside the text as well as in other on-page components.

A good quality and informative copywriting content indeed is the very foundation for a website to be successful. A good content and excellent website setup will direct your visitors to what exactly they desire while collecting or inquiring for information in your website. A well developed and constructed content page really is important for powerful website content and can take a huge bound in your keyword ranking approach.

Always remember that internet surfers do not “read” all the time your content, but rather, their tendency is just to scan through the page, searching for prominent and attractive sentences and words. Meaning that for you to magnetize your visitors, you need to write not only convincing and captivating content, but also scannable.

When a prospect visits your site searching for a service or product, it can be due to fact that they find your information educational and helpful; thus it actually depends on the quality of your content and what type of information that you supply your visitors that determines whether they stay or leave your website. A content rich in keywords will leave an enduring impression for your SEO campaign.

Here are a few guidelines on writing good quality SEO content:

1.  Understand and determine your “key phrases” before you begin writing.  Returning and then editing an already existing copy so to reach higher keyword concentration can be a difficult task which often results in fragmented sentences, complicated statements and a copy that is stiff sounding. If you already know the “key phrases”, then you are able to construct a complete and flowing stream of ideas.

2.  Know who your target audiences are.  You need to determine your target clients before writing your content, so that you can address them properly. You can not write a good quality, informative and persuading content without knowing your visitors requirements, problems and needs.

Your content should offer a solution to their problems and you need to first identify that problem before you can determine a solution.
3.  Incorporate your “key phrases” in the headlines.  Almost all search engines believe that a headline is a significant part of your copy which means that the text that comprises the headlines bears additional effect.

When you make headlines, be certain to construct them so that they also carry the keyword that you have used in your content. Also take note of the “HTML encryption for your title. When you make bold headlines and incorporating them in “<H1>” or “<H2>” tags, they will catch the search engine’s attention.
4.  Scatter or distribute properly your “key phrases” all throughout the body of your article.  To do this effectively, focus on just a maximum of three primary keywords and let them naturally flow in your article.
There is what is called a “3 percent guideline” which states that 3 percent of the words in your article must be “keywords”. You should take note however, that this is only a guideline; do not ruin a good article just so to achieve the three percent guideline by insisting on the keywords in sentences where it does not fit just so to achieve the “3 percent guideline.”

Just remember that a literature form of writing is not what is required in SEO copywriting; it just makes a poor web content. SEO copywriting demands that you specifically need to write for the internet, something that is very much different from a literature or storybook style of writing.

There is more to web copywriting than merely writing well. Keep this in mind:  Effective web copywriting and keywords “search engine optimization” mean the same thing.

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33 Responses to “Copywriting For SEO Without Losing Readability – Article”

  1. Scott Bull says : Reply

    I am a freelance transcriptionist. My schedule is filling quickly. I don’t have face to face clients and I am due in the next few weeks.

    I plan on taking my phone incase I go into labor. But how will I tell them I’m in labor? How can I keep my clients after baby? Should I just prepare to give myself two weeks?

  2. Simon says : Reply

    Well,. Congratulations :)
    I think 2 weeks would be be fine, but im not a mom.. you should ask a mom :)

  3. mmminja says : Reply

    I am a freelance graphic designer, and I am not certain how to find new customers. I’ve tried advertising on Craigslist, but every person on there desires every thing and the mood for pennies on the dollar! Exactly where can I locate some legitimate enterprise?

  4. Sriram R says : Reply

    I just got on the field and have a workplace! I have a handful of consumers, but I need far more! How do I advertise to get additional clientele? And where must I promote?

  5. Benihana says : Reply

    I am a freelance transcriptionist. My schedule is filling quickly. I don’t have face to face clients and I am due in the next few weeks.

    I plan on taking my phone incase I go into labor. But how will I tell them I’m in labor? How can I keep my clients after baby? Should I just prepare to give myself two weeks?

  6. gail C says : Reply

    I work for a small information technology company and need to write an email to our clients about some training we want to offer. We want to find out if there is interest in this training. Any recommendations on wording it?

  7. Stevalicious says : Reply

    I am a freelance graphic designer, and I am not sure how to find new clients. I’ve tried advertising on Craigslist, but everyone on there wants everything and the mood for pennies on the dollar! Where can I find some legitimate business?

  8. simply complicated says : Reply

    A colleague of mind passed away after a long battle with illness and I need to write a letter notifying clients/customers whom new my colleague for a number of years to let them know of this death and funeral details. I’m not very good at putting words together. Any help would be appreciated!? Thanks

  9. callofduty5123412 says : Reply

    I just got on the field and have a office! I have a few clients, but I need more! How do I advertise to get more clients? And where should I advertise?

  10. kamikami says : Reply

    I work at a legal office, sometimes clients bring their kids to their appointments or consultations and let their kids run around and grab whatever they please from the desks, move chairs around, etc. I want to make a sign but I don’t know how to express myself in a polite manner. HELP!

  11. callofduty5123412 says : Reply

    I was wondering how to start an office cleaning service. I have all the equipment, access and funding for equipment, but I just can’t seem to get the clients. I am looking to clean office buildings but I don’t know what the companies in my area charge (Montgomery, AL). I’ve called every cleaning company in my area, really I did, and the ones in my area aren’t willing to give out any information over the phone. What do I charge? How do I ask the clients for their business?

  12. Bryan J says : Reply

    Can a female massage therapist work exclusively with female clients? I am starting my own business and I feel the most comfortable working with female clients instead of males. I want to advertise massage services for female clients only. Is this sex discrimination? Or is it not, considering it is my own business?

  13. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag says : Reply

    I work with mental health clients who need activities or skill building activities to help them with their condition. Please provide web sites or book refrences that could hepl them in this area.

  14. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused says : Reply

    I am newly appointed sales manager , personal Protection officers and would like to find out the best possible way to obtain new clients for a security company? What question are Frequently asked, and there answers. If face to face or over the phone is better. If I should drop off a brochure and folder then call and meet before. Any tips would be helpful thank you.

  15. Tyler H says : Reply

    I started my own company for graphics, web, and photography. Right now I have been trying to get clients for photography but a lot of people are doing that in my area or they have a place that they go to. I have had people call me but they havent came though with actually keeping their apponitment. What should I do?

  16. Ryan Z says : Reply

    I work for an attorney who wants to begin representing people who are seeking benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSI and SSDI). He would like me to begin working on learning how to do this and to become qualified to work with clients and argue before the Administrative Law Judge.

    Can anyone give me some pointers for what I need to do to become qualified. Even more important, can you give me pointers on how to be really good at it?


  17. Splash Log Level 2 Again says : Reply

    Many, may be millions, Yahoo Messenger clients in the world may connect to the YM Server at the same time via TCP IP. How could this achieved?

  18. colingrillo says : Reply

    I’ve been to networking events and have not been able to get clients yet, just people who take my card and say they’re interested or might need help one day.

  19. Matthew says : Reply

    I am moving from Spain to Australia to visit my partner for a couple of months. I am planning to carry on working for my European clients and was wondering whether I should tell them about the move. I was originally considering working European hours, but I am not sure whether I would be suited to it. I would be grateful from advice from anyone who has had a previous experience. Many thanks in advance.

  20. Ryan Dunn says : Reply

    There are a lot of websites which claim to have 90-95% accuracy in stock options and nifty options. One search with “stock options” in google would yield several of those at the right hand side. Whenever asked about the number of clients they say “its 5000″ or “its 15000″. I just want to know do they really have so many clients in thousands or they lie? How many clients do they usually have? It will help me decide their popularity, please help.

  21. clntvrrt says : Reply

    Do all Paralegal work require working with clients? Can Paralegals do behind the scene work that don’t require you working the lawyers’ clients? I am more of a behind the scene person.

  22. ibjammin44 says : Reply

    I have a residential and commercial cleaning service. I would like to make a convenient way to recieve payments from my clients. Rather than picking the payment up everyday, everywhere. I am looking for a more convenient way to process payments. Majority of my clients like to pay my company by check. Are there any other options or creative ideas anyone may have?

  23. Sonny says : Reply

    I’m working in a non-profit organization, and I have always had a good communication with my clients. However, since two weeks ago, people are giving me a hard time. They are more demanding, impatient, and they are comparing me with some of my co-workers. I am having nightmares with my work, and I’m wondering if it is all my fault. I try to be polite all the time, but some people are so rude that I am thinking in giving it up. Furthermore, some people say my English is really bad and difficult to understand. Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

  24. David says : Reply

    I am in the process of setting up my own design company. I have an online portfolio presence, business cards and creative CV’s for agencies. I specialize in brand design and corporate identity, producing logos and branding solutions for companies. I’ve been given clients from my university however they’ve been shared clients, for instance competition briefs, where my work wasn’t selected.

    I understand that the best approach to gaining clients is through word of mouth from existing clients, but how do you best reach out to those first clients?

  25. Death Knight says : Reply

    I currently make 68k a year with benefits and I am looking at making a career change to be self-employed doing consultanting work (40 hours a week). How much per hour do I need to charge my clients? I know that more state (KS) and federal taxes need to be withheld, but I don’t have a clue how much. Should I charge $50 an hour or more?
    Forget about the type of services I am providing, since that is not the issue.
    It is just computer consulting on an ERP system. I have a school that wants to hire me on a full-time bases, the problem is that the school is a state school in another state, so I have to be a contractor (and work remotely).

    I just need to see the tax withholding tables for self-employed people. I want to make the equivalent of $68,000 a year (with benefits) and I want to know a rough estimate (it doesn’t have to be perfect) of what rate to charge. I need this information to help me negotiate my contract.

    I was thinking either $50 to $80 a hour because of all the extra taxes I will have to pay. However I am just guessing.
    I currently make 68K a year gross. I would be getting a 40 hour work week always and would only have one client. Based on the second answer I got it sounds like I might need to charge $80 an hour time 40 hours for 3200 a week pay. Any thoughts?

  26. josh12rox says : Reply

    I have 12 clients that I want to acknowledge with a gift but I don’t want another wine & cheese basket. They are way to expensive and clients don’t remember them because everyone else sends them. I want to spend $40 or under but not look cheap. I know, this is a tough one.


  27. Erfan says : Reply

    My wife has started a graphic design business and needs to find clients. How do you go about finding clients and forming new business relationships?

  28. Jonathan says : Reply

    I am a freelance graphic designer, and I am not sure how to find new clients. I’ve tried advertising on Craigslist, but everyone on there wants everything and the mood for pennies on the dollar! Where can I find some legitimate business?

  29. altair says : Reply

    I have started my own software firm with two friends and it is in process to be registered as a Private Limited firm. We have worked on 5-6 small projects and currently have one project in our hand on which we are working. We are all fresh Engineers in this firm and working hard. But is there any way to get clients so we dont halt somewhere ? All I want to ask that what is the way to get clients for a software firm ?
    Languages we work on are, php and python. We have capability to create applications, software and websites in Java, JSP and Servlet.
    Our start-up is in NCR, India.

  30. JDOGG1122 says : Reply

    I am currently trying to drill down on the best way to target personal health insurance clients, by demographical and psychograpical data. What were the questions you asked to get you to that point. I’m in the Georgia area, so if you are out of state, I won’t be competing with you. I have some ideas, but am working on some test marketing pieces and want to make sure I’m hitting the best sample. Thanks for your help.

  31. SteveO says : Reply

    I am a freelance graphic designer, and I am not sure how to find new clients. I’ve tried advertising on Craigslist, but everyone on there wants everything and the mood for pennies on the dollar! Where can I find some legitimate business?

  32. Erfan says : Reply

    I’ve downloaded the client from but it doesn’t have the server Philippines. Can you help me please? thanks

  33. lets roll says : Reply

    A. determine the client’s particular needs and meet them.

    B. replace the client’s furnishings with the newest styles available.

    C. design a decorating scheme based on your own favorite decor elements.

    D. educate the client to appreciate and desire the finest period decor.

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