Download the Free WooCommerce Google Product Feed

Free WooCommerce Google Product Feed

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Download the Free WordPress Plugin
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== Description ==

The Purple XMLs V1.5 Google Product Feed for WooCommerce creates an XML output by of any category in the WooCommerce installation. It includes all required feed types for Google Merchant Center for non-variable products.

The Purple XMLs Plugin creates a digestible format for Google to import WooCommerce Products into a Google Merchant Account. This Plugin creates an XML output of Categories that adheres to Google Feed Specifications.

There will be 2 versions, Basic and PRO

Tested up to 3.4.1


== Purple XMLs V1.5 ==

  • Author: Purple Turtle Productions
  • Author URI:
  • Contributors: PurpleTurtlePro
  • Tags: WooCommerce, Google
  • Requires at least: 2.7.2
  • Tested up to: 3.5.1
  • Stable tag: trunk
  • License: GPLv2 or later


== Functionality ==

This Plugin Creates an XML output that includes properly formatted XML for Google Shopping and Google Merchant

== Installation ==
Instructions for Free versions (V1.5 & 1.6):

Upload the plugin to the plugins directory of your WordPress install and activate the plugin.
navigate to and click the “Edit” button of the plugin “PurpleTurtle XML Feeds”
select “purple-xmls/google-feeds.php” from the list on the left.
scroll down and find these 2 lines:
echo ‘ <g:google_product_category>Furniture’.PHP_EOL;
echo ‘ <g:product_type>Furniture’.PHP_EOL;

you must find the single general category that best suits your needs here:

and replace the category “Furniture” with your own.
Click on the save.

Pulling categories for the feed:

Navigate – WordPress Dashboard -> Settings -> PurpleTurtle XML Feeds
on the top you will see “Google Products XML Category = ” and a drop down.
you should have your products set up in brand categories, if not please consider doing so as it makes it much easier to categorize the listings for google and so the crawlability of your feed increases and thus the results.

select the category that you want to import and then click on the “Google Products XML” link on the left.
you should have something that looks like this:

you can remove the &random= part of the string for the best results in this case “&random=6447067398″
making the url look like this:


== Plugin Support ==

For help and support please contact us at info [at]
Or submit a support ticket at


This is the free version of this software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.


== Frequently Asked Questions ==

Question: My Feed has errors
Answer: Make sure all of your titles and descriptions contain proper markup
Titles and descriptions can not contain just & .. needs to be fully qualified HTML ie. “&”

Question: My Feed has no output
Answer: Try changing the line in the google-feed.php from:
$product = new WC_Product($prod->ID);
to $product = get_product($prod->ID);


== Screenshots ==

1. Go to Plugins -> Edit -> PurpleTurtle XML Feeds and edit the categories your store most qualifies to -> Update File
2. Select your output category and click the link “Google Products XML”
3. The category tree needs to be set up in a brand structure to work correctly ( and Its good practise anyway icon smile wordpress  WooCommerce Product Google free Feed

== Installation ==

After uploading and activating the plugin navigate to the Purple Feeds XMLs in your Settings Menu

  step1 wordpress  WooCommerce Product Google free Feed

Select the Category from the dropdown that you would like to submit and then click the link to the left to generate the feed.

step2 wordpress  WooCommerce Product Google free Feed



== Plugin Download ==


* Download Now *

Or copy/paste this link into your browser:


  - WooCommerce Google Product Feed for WordPress -

 wordpress  WooCommerce Product Google free Feed

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  • nana smith

    Hi there. I own my own ecommerce store selling dog collars. Is your data feed plugin free? Also will it work on amazon? I am a seller for amazon too. I. Your YouTube video, you mention age group and adding it to attributes. What is age group?

    • Simon

      yep., its free .. just click that blue button above and download it. You won’t need to specify an age group for non-human products :)

      you may need variation support if you have different sizes in the same product, this is available in the pro version

      • Tierra B.

        I shared this on my google + page, but I still don’t see the download link. Is this plugin still free?

        • Simon

          let me know if you missed the email i sent with a download link.

  • Stephen

    Hi, our shop has variations so how do you buy the Pro version? I have searched your website but no buy button?

  • Jose

    hi mate do you have a skype where we can have a chat to help in the installation?

    • Simon

      Skype PurpleTurtlePro

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  • Harry

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    It seems impossible to get this link to work…

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