Environmental Sustainability

We don’t exactly have a turbine on the roof, or have our own hydro dam that we can pipe out power into,. however BC hydro has set up our town (whistler) on a separate grid that feeds into the provincial power system using exactly that, a hydro dam thats located about 10 min south of where i stand right now. And this system runs all of our local machinery (100% Green). To offset out carbon footprint for our servers located throughout the country and around the world, we sponsor environmental groups such as The Charitree Foundation as well as Love-Trees.com which are children’s charities that plant thousands of trees and seedlings each and every year. I would definitely recommend purchasing a tree from Andrea and have one of the many children in the program plant it for you. It’s a great gift idea and the planet will thank you (Plus she gives you this great tree planting certificate icon smile




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