How to Use “Disavow links” feature of #Google #Webmaster Tools

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When Bing came up with the link disavow tool a few months ago, the entire of the SEO industry kinda looked at Google with tilted heads. Why would Bing do something like that and not the biggest search provider? Since then the has been a term thrown around called “Negative SEO”. This type of SEO involves gaining links from undesirable places to create an artificial Black Hat Scenario for your competition in the hopes they would suffer for it. Since the research and proof for negative results for the type of behaviour is stretched for the most part and almost always unreliable, no one has really worried about the effects of links on your website.

Now that Google has its own tool, and by the tone in Matt’s voice when we says “These can take weeks, even months to take effect” you can tell that they have something in here that is reluctant. By releasing this tool they are basically saying, “Yes its True” to the hype about “Negative SEO” and whether it will actually do anything.

My mind is racing right now,. not just because yes the possibility of knocking my competition out of the ranks is within reach.. i have tools that Google Hates! but they can do this to me.. or you.

Matt also says “Be Careful” .. and again with the very cautionary tone.. i will. thanks.


Enough of the opinion.. heres the goods.

First you need to go here:
Web Design Screen Shot 2012 10 16 at 4.00.45 PM 290x176 How to Use Disavow links feature of #Google #Webmaster Tools webnews seo stuff help and how to  Webmaster Tools SEO Search Links Google

Webmaster Tools Disavow Page

Select your domain,.


It will ask you if your sure you want to do this..
Mat Cutts says, “Be careful what you do with this tool”
“There are is to be interventions with human eyes and there are many ways you can hurt yourself, and others with this tool”


Select “Disavow Links”

Web Design Disavow Links 290x119 How to Use Disavow links feature of #Google #Webmaster Tools webnews seo stuff help and how to  Webmaster Tools SEO Search Links Google

For the text file you need to create one link per line

Disavow a page

All links:

example txt file:
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  1. Moncler says : Reply

    It can’t just to disavow links there has to be some other reason. I agree its a self tattling system. STAY AWAY!

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