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by / Wednesday, 17 April 2013 / Published in Web News

Here’s a cute little video Alan sent over today.


The Claim:

So,. Keyword Clicker goes into the search engine results and finds your website in the results. The bot then uses a pretty straightforward algo to click from page to page.. until the domain match is found. The bot then clicks on your website and “Spends Time” on it. The process being ongoing means it keeps doing this for all your search phrases and in essence tells search engines that yourwebaite and the phrases matching it are very popular resulting in a boost in your websites organic search rankings

All major search engines collect and use user engagement data to determine if the search result is relevant and how it should be ranked for the keyword used to find it in the first place. Search engines look at how a website was found, how much time is spent on the site and how many pageviews resulted from the search. All these indicators tell the search engines if a site is relevant and relevant sites get ranked higher than those lacking positive user engagement patterns.


I use bots every day.. they do my submitting .. monitor emails and servers.. i cant live my life without them. The idea of using a new bot is pretty comfortable and i would love to give this a go. I do think that saying that alone will go the trick is a little .. hopeful,. i can see adding this to my arsenal. Now,. having said that “how” exactly they package it and sell it is left to the launch but im pretty sure this can be replicated and/or copied (yes even hosted in the cloud) so i cant see it being too much “per visit” and hopefully,. will have the same type of pricing scheme as deathbycaptca


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