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Mobile Website Design


Having a Mobile Ready Website is not an option.


On August 13th, Facebook Revealed that 78% Of United States Users Are Mobile.


As a developer, most of my time is consumed by learning, reading, watching and doing.
I also know that someone like me saying that: even though you “Think” your website looks “ok” on a mobile device, it is no longer acceptable by most consumers! .. will most likely roll off the shoulders of most small businesses as something like: “i want you to buy a website from me”


While in reality it is true, i would like to meet you and discuss possibilities.. Having a multi-device compatible website is no longer something that can be brushed under the rug as “ill get to that in a while”. Consider that when a customer views your site from a Facebook share, or clicks a link from a tweet, no matter if your selling anything or not,. that landing page needs to: 1. load fast, 2. render quickly and 3. do the same job or better than the landing page for your desktop SEO.

The reason? even if your not selling, if they click off your website or close a window within 5 seconds its a bounce.
You PR goes down, your ranks go down and you just lost the potential of a new customer, client, lead, signup, sale or whatever.

Very few of us are in the loosing money business, and your website that looks great at 700×1200 looks fine on a PC, but if its not rendering for mobile and performing as a native application for that viewing device you WILL loose over 50% of potential new customers, clients, leads, signups, sales or whatevers. – simply because 1. your site loads too slow 2. the user will need to zoom for every section of the site to see it 3. you will appear as though your not taking the potential new customer, client, lead, signup, sale or whatever seriously and 4 your not taking your own business seriously.

Im not trying to scare you.. ok maybe i am just a little.. just consider that in places like mexico and the poorer states and cities as well as 90% of teenagers and laymen don’t even have a computer! ALL they have is their smartphone..


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