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“ … and for everything else, there is Google” ! – yes thats a real quote in a movie.

The priority at Google has always been:

A search engine that searches anything and everything, at the snap of a finger.

Google is fast, reliable and result oriented.

‘Yahoo!’ tried. ’Dog pile’ tried. ‘Duck Duck go’ (from tried. ‘Ask’ tried. But Google ‘searched’ (read walk) away with the accolades. It is surprising to note that when ‘Bing’ was launched by Microsoft, people were half-pleased only. They didn’t want another search engine to come into being, as they were happy with what they had.


Everyone is so used to using Google that thinking of another search engine is, and will most likely remain impossible.

Amusing and amazing too that the most searched thing on Bing, even by Microsoft employees is ‘Google’. As they don’t have access to Google search engine on their Microsoft computers, they just type in Google in their Bing search engine and go to Believe it or not, this is true,. and again, will most likely remain.

What is so great about Google!?
Aesthetically, Google’s page is neat and clear, and has advertisements like other search engines. The speed of the site is fast because there is really nothing to it, a logo and a menu., and the speed which we get the search is fast results is because of the billions of dollars we have all now spent with advertising with the giant that they have developed faster systems but it wasn’t initially that way. The site foundations was a php and ruby based search algorithm that increased speed and relevance over time and intensive development. The bots or “spiders” that are crawling over the web are not unlike most others, they fetch and categorize websites based on factors inputed by a team of admins, then a learning program over it that filters out sites using things like time on site and bounce.

So, it must be marketing then, Right?

Well, i don’t remember seeing any ads on TV to use Google, but i remember Bing doing that and remember the Yahooooo!?

The other Google sites that are now available on the Google page itself. Like, Gmail, YouTube, Google plus, Google play, Google maps, Google books, Google blogger, everything related to Google is all pretty recent. I remember having to be invited to GMAIL. Yet Hotmail and Yahoo’s have been around WAY longer and are used by millions. And no matter where you are in Google, your always just a click away from the search engine site. This is a very convenient feature that Google has added to itself.. and thus passing its own filters for inbound links by providing itself millions of high pagerank links to justify its own sites to outrank anyone elses. Like YouTube which now holds the #2 rank for the largest search engine in the world.

A little side note: Hotmail is still one of the most searched keywords in Google, yet this is not common knowledge.
One of the many things only having one, monolithic search and information provider will certainly do. Filter.

Filter Search Results
Filter News
Filter Competition
Filter what someone else deems “Inappropriate”
Filter Email
Filter Public Opinion

So its not good marketing, it wasn’t an incredibly “Special” search engine to start.

Its a simple, playful name attached to what some saw to be goliath

Which now it is.

Search anything in the world, from anywhere in the world, Google is sure not going to disappoint you.

You could ‘Ask’, you could ‘Bing’, you could ‘Yahoo!’, but ultimately, you would end up ‘Googling’ it for sure.


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