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  • Wordpress Sub.Domain for your webite
  • Complete Video and Article Aggregator
  • Image Sourcing and Branding Campaigns
  • Multiple Link Campaigns Every Month
  • Weekly Promoted Posts for Facebook Included
  • Cloudflare Application and Content Delivery
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The sub.domain

This is where we put the autoposter and give you Complete Control.

Video Content Aggregator

We pull videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and more.

Article Content Aggregator

We pull articles from the biggest names in YOUR industry.

Multiple Link Campaigns

Run several times per month this increases your overall pagerank

Traffic Blasts

If your site doesn't have enough traffic to constitute the links, we supply it

Weekly Promoted Posts

We promote a post once a week through Facebook and Twitter (optional)

Cloudflare Application & CDN

Running through cloudflare ensures a fast website thats secure

SEO Dashboard

Don't worry, we supply an SEO Dashboard so we can track your progress

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We Rank Websites.


Frequently Asked Questions

We deliver 2 Google Webmaster tools reports for your keywords as they fluctuate in the ranks. One is for the biggest movers and the other will be sorted by results with the largest volume. We also deliver a Facebook and Twitter click report to see which content garners the most attention and what our users are clicking on and where they are going. 
Every month we target a page, category head, or product and complete a link campaign using several users over a broad spectrum of article, social and PDF websites. We also leverage the social platforms by promoting posts and content leading back to the target website. 
FB,TW,G+. We create the page if its not existing for $25 per page, or optimize existing for $15 per page by creating graphical headers and posting up to 5 rich content posts. This will all be done within the first week. I usually recommend signing on for a minimum of 4-6 months, simply because all of the strategies we use by cross-posting and promoting cant happen until the entire system is up and running smoothly which usually takes a few weeks to get going. We will also set up a Pinterest account and cross post to Facebook. 
No as part of the package we optimize one page per month starting with your homepage. If you would like the top 5 pages done immediately there is an extra charge of $25 per page., and many of our clients to choose to do it. We do not outsource any work at all. 
Success is measured in Google Webmaster tools for the average position for our keywords. A(b): Actual sales and conversion are secondary, only because these are usually site and content related. We can create landing/squeeze pages to help that metric along. 
There is no-one else that can provide you with all of the services that we provide for the amount we charge, let alone the experience to adjust the campaigns as needed. 

Personalized SEO Dashboard

Personalized SEO Dashboard

How Search Works (Right from Google!)

Social Media Marketing for Business

We do verify and fetch with webmaster tools, for both Bing and Google and generate a proper XML sitemap and submit it regardless of the scale of the campaign. We will Install analytics and measuring tools plus we offer a Free Pro Cloudflare account as this usually mitigates attacks and offers a CDN for your website. You will receive a wildcard SSL (https) certificate with the service and there is no hidden fee or charge during our business together.

(Read more about CDN and App Security)

(Read more about the Complete Social Solution)

What Exactly are we going to do?

  Post content to up to 3 Social Pages
  Continuous Domination Link Building
  Submit/Verify/Fetch via Google and Bing
  Fire consistent 7 day Live Traffic Blasts
  Post 2-3 Content Related Posts per Week
  Shorten links an optimized for engagement and tracking
  Pinterest Image Sourcing and Posting
  Create a Sub.Domain and Content Aggregator
  Video and Article Posting
  Cloudflare PRO (CDN) (Wildcard SSL (worth $300/yr)
  Complete Onpage Optimization (1 pages + 1/month)
  Ongoing Rich Snippet Optimization for All Pages
  Develop a strategy that will enable easy navigation and Deep Links
  Promote 4 Post per month for Continued Growth

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