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It would seem that marketers make a lot of the same mistakes with data. These mistakes serve only to distract one from focused business investments that lead to bottom line impact. Using these examples, you should come to understand that spending a good chunk of your time with data is very important in order to achieve professional success.

First, Are you Looking at Demographics?

Though this isn’t a metric as it’s more of data that is used to target your advertising. An example of what has been our primary method of marketing is: What television channel should I advertise on to reach 16 to 24 year old males who play RPG video games? There was no way to tell if the audience was even remotely interested in the product. There isn’t any intent. Intent beats demographics and psychographics always.  No matter the age group or gender or interests of the user, their searching habits will reveal their intent. And there is a lot of intent data on the web. This is where the key strength is. Leverage the mental models that are current and you’ll find yourself highly successful.

Why am i not getting thousands of Visitors?!

Advertising, Link Campaigns as well as Traffic Blasts are an important part of any long term, steady rankings as it should be. If your website is getting little to no traffic, there is no effective, generalized notion of how you should be doing, and thus you are left with always wondering whether the job you are doing is effective or not. Keyword research is crucial in Every Circumstance. Bar None, In Every Case. Period. and should the organic traffic not begin to roll in on the brakes between campaigns and other paid search as well as the blasts you know that either a) the keyword may or may not be as popular as you thought or b) the seo campaign is not going to be as effective as you thought and you should create a dedicated, highly optimized page for that one keyword and move on. Every page get one keyword set of “action/service/location” or “product/location” keywords and you need to know that finding the groove takes some time.

A click is more valuable as it means that someone saw the ad and was interested enough to click on it. A pro will measure revenue and most importantly, profit.

All an impression measures is that someone simply loaded the page that the ad appears. Because we humans are so bombarded with ads, we often filter out most ads and don’t even actually “see” them. The impressions are mostly useless and don’t truly measure success, especially when you aren’t generating any money from them.

Worrying about the Bounce Rate as its a bad thing!

While bounce rate is a great metric, it should not be used as a key performance indicator. A key performance indicator has a direct line to your bottom line while a metric is for diagnosing tactical challenges.

Bounce rates are great for finding things you aren’t doing so hot in, such as bad ads, bad landing pages, missing calls to action, poorly targeted ads, etc. Typically, you will measure the bounce rates, find where the problems are and then fix the problems. Afterwards, you see the bounce rate go from 70% down to 30%.

Time to stop obsessing over the bounce rate. Lowering the bounce rate just means you managed to get your ads created and targeted properly and also getting the landing pages optimized. The visitors coming to your website are no longer leaving the page right away. This was a great first step but there is more to the process.

It is mandatory to fix the bounce rate but just fixing that won’t ensure your success. It may take twelve to twenty pages for a visitor to make a purchase or submit a lead. This tough stuff is where the focus should be and that is when you’ll make your money. The main areas to obsess over are page visits, visitor flow report, checkout abandonment rate and average order size. 

Aside from SEO, What ELSE are you guys doing to get Engagement?

When you search for something using a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo, most companies want to show up as number one in the results of the search. Many companies will spend a lot of money for SEOs which are often a lot of shenanigans that give little end results. Getting that number one rank in the results is even more difficult than what your originally might think.

Remember that search results are personalized regardless if you are logged in or not so if you and a friend were to conduct a search for the exact same words, the both of you will get different results depending on your past searching habits right? Check the keyword ranking if it pleases you or if your boss requires it. But before you show them the progress log, do a search for those keywords in various search engines and on various computers to see how they all compare. However, don’t make it your KPI. You can use crawl rate/depth, inbound links (good ones) and growth in your target key phrases as decent starting points. Then you can move on to checking search traffic by site content or types of content which will signal your SEO is working. Measure visits and conversions first then segmented by keywords will begin showing real impact. These are short term but are great steps before you move on to the long term, and much more difficult, metrics like lifetime value.

Whats Happening right now.

Like saying no to free money, many marketers feel guilty about saying no to real-time data.

It usually takes a lot of time before anyone realizes how a waste of money it is to have real-time data. Real-time data is expensive from a systems / platforms / data processing / data reporting perspective. In the end, the value is questionable despite all that work. On top of that, decision-makers show their obsession over it and often want to take this real-time data and shove it into everyone’s faces. After a few days, eyes begin to glaze over the numbers and begin to ignore all the “data puking.”

There is one exception to this. If no human beings are involved in data collection, for example a platform that automatically handles the data and then takes action, then real-time data is super valuable.

Have a look at this:

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