We Offer a Complete Social Media Marketing Package

Facebook Management

Social Media Development – Facebook Management

Let’s make use of Facebook’s 800 Million users!

Facebook sometimes receives more traffic than Google, and the visitors stay for longer than the second it takes to searches for something. If we were to count every single inch of ad space that gets displayed on Facebook users screens daily it would equal over 3.5 million inches.


When it comes to Google,. We are placing you in front of the people searching for something in particular.
When it comes to Facebook Management..
Were Putting your Brand into the living rooms of millions of people.


Depending on your organizations size, we may rest assured that 600 million users could be your potential customers.  Why not engage them?

Social Media and Facebook Management could be your Businesses Launching Pad


Lets get down to what we do.

  • Monthly consultations will give you ideas on how to grow your business, making experiences with your networks better
  • Setup your Facebook page adding photos, videos, articles and feeds from your site
  • Write Regular Facebook posts
  • Monitor your wall do fend off spam and abusive posts
  • Invite users to get social with us through contests and promotions
  • Manage your advertisement spend based on recommended and approved budgets
  • Keep existing users connected via our Facebook Management Services assure long-term ROI

Facebook Management Starting at just $250/mo + Campaign Spend


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