What is Social Media Marketing anyway?

Well this type of marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.

The object of the exercise is to engage users through various means of user generated content sites such as YouTube and Twitter, as well as the infamous Facebook. Although our actual processes of marketing through these platforms are rather simple, they are very effective for isolating potential leads and placing solutions to users plights in a digestible and socially encouraged fashion.
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The actual processes of these “Social Marketing Campaigns” are a little bit of a secret to non-members, most obviously because most of these methods can be replicated without assistance. Having said that, we can tell our clients what to do and give them the choice to do it themselves if they can. Most of the time our clients end up asking us to do it, simply because they don’t have time or the inclination of learning how to do it which we all can understand.

We have, for the most part divided our Social Marketing Workflow into 4 or 5 different sections. Facebook and those big guys each get their own section.. Local Search Optimization gets its own and so on. Your website will benefit from certain areas of social engagement and marketing but from some of the others,. i won’t benefit so much, hence the grouping.


The first stage is the “Social Matching” process.

This round of “Lightning Engagement” places your site at the top of the entire world for about 24 hrs. We complete a promotion on a scale like you have never imagined! (one at a time of course icon smile  Social Media Search Engine Optimization We will have enough data after just one day each that we will begin the “Build


The “Build” is the next step.

We take the results from the social matching and build an evergreen source of both engagement and links. During this process we hone our scope to the best target audience, during the best times of day and include only the best and most relevant content. We begin to form a scope for link baiting, social “Apps” that can be used ongoing to both engage and entice potential leads into converting from just traffic into approved and ready customers.


The final and ongoing steps in Social Media Marketing Solution.

We have our sources, we have our “Verticals” (these are our marketing channels) and we have our social media marketing campaign set up.. Now is the time to start engaging.


We take care of the content curation, article and video sourcing.

We take are of the lead generation.

You take care of running your business.

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