Smartphone and Identity Theft

A person without a cell phone was considered very LS (low society) in yester years. A person without a Smart phone is considered LS today! Not only working people, but also every teenager has a Smart phone now. A Smartphone is a cell phone with enhanced features similar to those found in a computer. But,

Ecommerce WordPress Q & A

Thursday, 05 July 2012 by

Nancy asks… Looking for the best eCommerce for wordpress? I’m looking for advice on what shopping cart is best to use with wordpress? eCommerce I have been using WP for years now and know it really well but I have never added a shopping cart to a site so any advice would be a HUGE

20 Best Content Management Systems

Sunday, 10 June 2012 by

The 20 Best CMS A content management system (CMS) is a platform that allows management of text and media as well as a collaborative approach. A web content management system (WCMS) is a CMS specifically tailored for websites, and a website management system (WMS) is a WCMS that includes modules for e-commerce, communication and community

Ecommerce Website Q & A

Saturday, 28 April 2012 by

Richard asks… eCommerce website? i should chose four eCommerce website and should evaluate them but i don’t know any thong about eCommerce website so any one con help me in this evaluation Simon answers: To properly evaluate a website, choose one at a time and “Go through the motions” to place an order for a


Today we officially released a new category in our system called “The Lab” We have many, many stories about trials and tribulations when it comes to plugin management, software (desktop and web-based), and trying out new technologies. The first post in this category will be WordPress based. Because i spend most of my day dealing

WordPress Q & A

Wednesday, 21 March 2012 by

Jenny asks… wordpress?? I need 2 set up wordpess through a webhost… i know i have to download wordpress but whats a good host to go with? and after i set up an account with a host, how difficult is the set up before I can begin building a site? and last but not least,

Joomla Q & A

Thursday, 08 March 2012 by

Susan asks… What are some really nice free Joomla themes? I am making a fishing website. I need a really nice theme. I need it kinda naturey but ether way im changing most of the pictures etc. But i need a really good theme for Joomla. Simon answers: Hi, Check this link: There are

Your Questions About WordPress Hosting

Sunday, 19 February 2012 by

Sandra asks… What are the differences between GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting and Basic Hosting Plans? GoDaddy offers a specific WordPress hosting plan for a website and a basic hosting plan however, the basic plan offers an install of WordPress as an option. They both cost the same amount. I don’t want to put myself in the

Open Source Website Design

Monday, 28 November 2011 by

Like everything else that Google touches, Blogger has been instrumental in bringing a practice that was the privy of the technologically savvy into the mainstream. In this case it is the habit of keeping an on-line journal. Blogger’s advantages are that it is extremely straightforward to use and extremely quick to set up. Simply because

Internet over Power – The Facts

Wednesday, 09 November 2011 by
Internet over Power

“Power Line Communications” essentially means any technologies that enables information transfer at narrow or broad band speeds over power lines by utilizing advanced modulation technologies. Based on the country, the institution and the business, power line communications are grouped under a few different categories: P-L-C (Power Line Communications) P-L-T (Power Line Telecommunications) P-P-C (Power Plus Communications)   The

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