“ … and for everything else, there is Google” ! – yes thats a real quote in a movie. The priority at Google has always been: A search engine that searches anything and everything, at the snap of a finger. Google is fast, reliable and result oriented. ‘Yahoo!’ tried. ’Dog pile’ tried. ‘Duck Duck go’


It would seem that marketers make a lot of the same mistakes with data. These mistakes serve only to distract one from focused business investments that lead to bottom line impact. Using these examples, you should come to understand that spending a good chunk of your time with data is very important in order to


Your know,. if i find and SEO with an email subscribe button.. I signup. I have 2 email addresses that are riddled with spam and offers galore! they’re free gmail addresses that i have had since the dawn of gmail,. rememeber when you had to be invited? i remember how stoked i was when i

web design - seo - web hosting

No company can effectively market themselves without having some sort of presence in the virtual world. Naturally, your business would need an impressive website and a well crafted internet marketing strategy. In effect, you need a web design company to create your website, a hosting company to host the website and cater to all the


Well, first off you would think of a statement like that coming from an agency is pretty run of the mill marketing because were selling websites right? I agree..  If we weren’t selling websites though, and we were telling you it probably would be better to get someone else thats outside your company do things

SEO – Without All the Mumbo Jumbo

Tuesday, 15 January 2013 by

So, What is SEO, anyway? When you are setting up a website, you will see the term “SEO” all the time, and you may have started wondering what the heck SEO is in the first place! SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” and it essentially is the science of setting up a website in such

Small Business SEO

The Internet is one of the most powerful marketing tools at the disposal of any business – regardless of its size – and one thing a lot of small businesses fail to realize is that they have just about as much ability to harness the power of the Internet as the big businesses have. In

Why Hire B2B Social Media Agency?

Monday, 24 December 2012 by

Forbes last week released a list of nine things a business should never do on social media. There’s a great concept to take away from the list: Even if your social media fail is nothing more than an honest mistake, once it’s out there for the world to see—there’s very little or no recovery. Highlighted

Mobile Searches will Dominate in 2013

Friday, 14 December 2012 by
Searching Using Mobile Device

There’s been a lot of talk about 2013 being the year of mobile. In fact, Google expects searches from mobile devices will finally overtake searches from PCs next year. Online marketers who have not yet ventured into the mobile landscape have their work cut out for them. Some of the major points I’ve heard marketers need

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Facebook Advertising Q & A

Friday, 16 November 2012 by

Mandy asks… Is there anyway to tell who made a facebook advertising page? Is there anyway to tell who made a facebook advertising page? Summer answers: Could you clarify your question please William asks… where can i get information about the impact of facebook advertising on businesses.? where can i get information about the impact

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