Why Hire B2B Social Media Agency?

Monday, 24 December 2012 by

Forbes last week released a list of nine things a business should never do on social media. There’s a great concept to take away from the list: Even if your social media fail is nothing more than an honest mistake, once it’s out there for the world to see—there’s very little or no recovery. Highlighted

Mobile Searches will Dominate in 2013

Friday, 14 December 2012 by

There’s been a lot of talk about 2013 being the year of mobile. In fact, Google expects searches from mobile devices will finally overtake searches from PCs next year. Online marketers who have not yet ventured into the mobile landscape have their work cut out for them. Some of the major points I’ve heard marketers need

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In my humble and sometimes biased opinion, “Caveat Emptor..” or “Buyer Beware” To quote a info-graphic i passed around Facebook a while ago “In an age of information, ignorance is a choice”,. Well Google faces a few bumps in its road ahead, what with the antitrust suits and potential abuse of its Internet search dominance. Ill

Mobile Web Design and Software Q & A

Monday, 27 February 2012 by

Linda asks… I am looking to open a computer business, any help on how to setup please? The services I will be providing, I undersatnd for a begginer is a lot, but most of these serveices will be handed to other comapnies who will work in conjuction with myself * Computer Hardware/Software Servers Web Design*

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