Luckily, if your a Purple Turtle Productions client and we are hosting your website, it will be super easy to both protect your website and restore your website should anything bad happens. In this video i quickly go through how to Restore your WordPress Website in case it was hacked doing a fit and database

Well, first off you would think of a statement like that coming from an agency is pretty run of the mill marketing because were selling websites right? I agree..  If we weren’t selling websites though, and we were telling you it probably would be better to get someone else thats outside your company do things

Today we officially released a new category in our system called “The Lab” We have many, many stories about trials and tribulations when it comes to plugin management, software (desktop and web-based), and trying out new technologies. The first post in this category will be WordPress based. Because i spend most of my day dealing

Cloud hosting is the most secure way to guard your website against would-be hackers or any other form of compromise to the integrity of your web services. For as little as $55 per month Purple Turtle Productions will provide you with a SSL certificate and the Famous Green Bar SSL connection. We will also host

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Thursday, 23 February 2012 by

.htaccess re-write IP to domain Today we engage the tedious task of redirecting ip’s, canonical, and https subdomains case by case; First we need to take care of the canonical’s by writing to our .htaccess file using Purple Turtle Productions as the example: This .htaccess rewrite will take the non-www , non formatted urls, or anything accessing

Secure your Website + Damage Control

Monday, 17 October 2011 by

Website Hacked? Secure your Website + Damage Control In most cases i have found that most security vulnerabilities can be thwarted by only using a good password with the admin login,. and having your cpanel backed up. Sounds easy right?? LOL. Sure. It seems every time i have a call or an email saying “I’ve

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