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No company can effectively market themselves without having some sort of presence in the virtual world. Naturally, your business would need an impressive website and a well crafted internet marketing strategy. In effect, you need a web design company to create your website, a hosting company to host the website and cater to all the


Enjoy these great web hosting features built into your cpanel: Logaholic, Resource Usage, Tredny Site Builder, ShopSite, ClamAV Virus Scanner plus many more! Logaholic: Logaholic is a powerful web analytics solution that delivers reliable, objective information about the performance of your web site content, traffic, keywords and marketing. Get useful insights that will help you

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It goes without saying that technology is constantly evolving and so is the way consumers respond to it. That can only mean one thing—your website has to keep up with both. It is crucial now more than ever to feature a unique web design on your website if you want it to stand out among

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Well, first off you would think of a statement like that coming from an agency is pretty run of the mill marketing because were selling websites right? I agree..  If we weren’t selling websites though, and we were telling you it probably would be better to get someone else thats outside your company do things

Website Design Pricing Q & A

Tuesday, 28 August 2012 by

William asks… Website Design Pricing? My friend is running her own custom made ladies bag business and wants me to create a website for it. she has little over 30 products, so i am guessing 30 pages just for the products. she has a PayPal account and i am going to include that on a

Ecommerce WordPress Q & A

Thursday, 05 July 2012 by

Nancy asks… Looking for the best eCommerce for wordpress? I’m looking for advice on what shopping cart is best to use with wordpress? eCommerce I have been using WP for years now and know it really well but I have never added a shopping cart to a site so any advice would be a HUGE

Best Small Business Web Design Q & A

Sunday, 08 April 2012 by

James asks… What is the best way to build a functioning website, if I have no web design experience? I’m about to open my own small business and would like to launch a website with the possibility of adding an online store later. Should I invest in something like coffeecup or xara or just use

Great Web Design Tips Q & A

Saturday, 31 March 2012 by

Susan asks… how to be a great web designer? I just started taking a class for web designing. I want to do good in it since my degree is in graphic design. so any tips on what i need know or can help me? Simon answers: WEB: – Learn pretty much everything there is to

Corporate Web Design Examples Q & A

Thursday, 23 February 2012 by

Lizzie asks… What is the Law regarding the use of fonts when designing a corporate logo? Hi, I have been approached to design a corporate logo for my Dad’s company, the company is now small, but has the potential to become huge… The logo will be used on all their print/promo materials and on the

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WordPress Links – Video 6

Monday, 26 September 2011 by

Lesson 6 – Video

WordPress Links How To- Whistler Web Design & SEO

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