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No company can effectively market themselves without having some sort of presence in the virtual world. Naturally, your business would need an impressive website and a well crafted internet marketing strategy. In effect, you need a web design company to create your website, a hosting company to host the website and cater to all the


Well, first off you would think of a statement like that coming from an agency is pretty run of the mill marketing because were selling websites right? I agree..  If we weren’t selling websites though, and we were telling you it probably would be better to get someone else thats outside your company do things

SENukeXCr Linking Strategy - Wordpress SEO

SENukeXCr Linking Strategy - Wordpress SEO Part 1 This is my “Yay were all still Alive!” Christmas 2012 present to all of you! This is an in depth look into how to use SENukeXCr to rank your whole website, not just a few pages of it. Ranking your Whole Website is more and more important these

Website Design Companies Q & A

Friday, 05 October 2012 by

Robert asks… Looking for Website Design Company in Canada? I want to make a 6-10 pages dynamic website. Guys please suggest me some web design companies name. Summer answers: You came to the right place Head over to the account manager and sign up Susan asks… Need help:website design companies in USA? Summer answers: I’m

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Website Design Tutorial Q & A

Friday, 05 October 2012 by

Donna asks… How to learn Web Design? Hello everyone once again. I recieved alot of good feedback on my question about programming lets see if this can do the same. I want to know any websites which are dedicated to Website Design. Tutorials and such for newbies like myself. Thanks alot. Summer answers: Code Academy:

Website Design Tutorial Q & A

Sunday, 16 September 2012 by

Jenny asks… What is the best free tutorial website design development in the internet? Summer answers: I’d recommend WordPress because it’s an easy CMS that’s doing a lot for you. There exist a lot of great tutorials how to create your own wordpress theme. See sources Linda asks… Where to get website design cutting tutorials?

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Website Design Pricing Q & A

Tuesday, 28 August 2012 by

William asks… Website Design Pricing? My friend is running her own custom made ladies bag business and wants me to create a website for it. she has little over 30 products, so i am guessing 30 pages just for the products. she has a PayPal account and i am going to include that on a

Photoshop Q & A

Thursday, 19 July 2012 by

Laura asks… Photoshop? I recently saw a website with photos with a cool effect. It was the photo o an object which reflected part of its own image at the bottom of the picture. Like when you go to the fields and on the water of a lake you see the reflex of the mountain

Website Design Tools Q & A

Saturday, 23 June 2012 by

Jenny asks… Website design tools for absolute beginners.? I am looking to make a quality website but have minimal design skills (I know basic HTML but that’s about it). I’ve heard that software like Dreamweaver can make great websites, but is it beginner friendly? If not, what are some software ideas for people who want

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Web Design Inspiration Q & A

Tuesday, 21 February 2012 by

Helen asks… Where to find web design inspiration? As a web designer, where do you find web design inspiration? What are some good internet resources to make better looking websites, bring some new ideas to your work etc… So what are best Web design resources on internet? Tnx! Summer answers: As a web designer myself,

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