As many of you know i have been suffering from a penalization from the panda algorithm for a few months now.. (6 to be exact) from when i moved the site from to The actual penalization was initially based on a domain that was about a month old, and now having all of

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It is already widely known that SEO is constantly changing and evolving. It is about to get shaken up again as Google prepares to launch a new Penguin algorithm. It was announced by Google’s head of search spam Matt Cutts. Some sources say these updates will not only affect black-hat websites but has a possibility

It would seem that marketers make a lot of the same mistakes with data. These mistakes serve only to distract one from focused business investments that lead to bottom line impact. Using these examples, you should come to understand that spending a good chunk of your time with data is very important in order to

WordPress becomes the most used CMS

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Over the years, the popularity of WordPress has been steadily climbing. According to Pingdom’s report, 51% of the world’s top 100 blogs are utilizing WordPress to manage their websites. This has grown from last year’s 48%. According to Wikipedia, WordPress version 3.5 has been downloaded over 18 million times as of April 2013. Add it

Here’s a cute little video Alan sent over today.   The Claim: So,. Keyword Clicker goes into the search engine results and finds your website in the results. The bot then uses a pretty straightforward algo to click from page to page.. until the domain match is found. The bot then clicks on your website

In this video i try not to be so long winded explaining the steps to take to secure your website from the threat of hacking. I go over the installation and configuration of the Better WordPress Security and then go into the extra step to make sure that we have not left any holes gaping

Luckily, if your a Purple Turtle Productions client and we are hosting your website, it will be super easy to both protect your website and restore your website should anything bad happens. In this video i quickly go through how to Restore your WordPress Website in case it was hacked doing a fit and database

Back in 2002 i noticed that no matter if you clear your cache and cookies, your results will be based on many other contributing factors such as device ip, machine identifiers (there are tons of those) and physical location repetitive views. These terms are about as laymen as i can make them.. Ill give you

Your know,. if i find and SEO with an email subscribe button.. I signup. I have 2 email addresses that are riddled with spam and offers galore! they’re free gmail addresses that i have had since the dawn of gmail,. rememeber when you had to be invited? i remember how stoked i was when i

All companies today want a lot of publicity at as low a cost as possible and in decent time. The best way anyone can do that is by advertising on the web, either using Adwords, Facebook or one of a number of other advertising methods. It seems every company has a website and a blog

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