All companies today want a lot of publicity at as low a cost as possible and in decent time. The best way anyone can do that is by advertising on the web, either using Adwords, Facebook or one of a number of other advertising methods. It seems every company has a website and a blog

Ppc And Cpc Q & A with Summer

Monday, 22 October 2012 by

Steven asks… Is starting a PPC management company a good idea? I’ve read that most companies do their PPC/CPC management in-house and do not neccessarily out source it. This was in the SEMP report that stated 87% of companies below and above 500 employees will do their marketing in house. My specific question is, the


Posts like this are meant to scare you. News telling you “If you try to mess with the search engine results you’ll get slapped” or “banned” or “sandboxed”. I here to tell you that most.. not all mind you, but most of this is filler. Just words spreading across the page to produce content that

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Website Design Pricing Q & A

Tuesday, 28 August 2012 by

William asks… Website Design Pricing? My friend is running her own custom made ladies bag business and wants me to create a website for it. she has little over 30 products, so i am guessing 30 pages just for the products. she has a PayPal account and i am going to include that on a


One of the hardest things about writing content for a website or blog is knowing what constitutes good content. Unfortunately, there’s no formulaic method by which to determine what to say and how to say it. I write web content for a living and thought I’d to touch on a couple of things that I

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Great Web Design Tips Q & A

Saturday, 31 March 2012 by

Susan asks… how to be a great web designer? I just started taking a class for web designing. I want to do good in it since my degree is in graphic design. so any tips on what i need know or can help me? Simon answers: WEB: – Learn pretty much everything there is to

WordPress Q & A

Wednesday, 21 March 2012 by

Jenny asks… wordpress?? I need 2 set up wordpess through a webhost… i know i have to download wordpress but whats a good host to go with? and after i set up an account with a host, how difficult is the set up before I can begin building a site? and last but not least,


.htaccess re-write IP to domain Today we engage the tedious task of redirecting ip’s, canonical, and https subdomains case by case; First we need to take care of the canonical’s by writing to our .htaccess file using Purple Turtle Productions as the example: This .htaccess rewrite will take the non-www , non formatted urls, or anything accessing

5 Web Traffic Tricks – Article

Thursday, 15 September 2011 by

Web traffic is the flow of browsers and visitors that goes in and out of your website. The bigger web traffic you get , the higher the chances you can get to make a profit out of your website.

Web traffic is important for websites to function. No particular site will exist without having web traffic; there is no point really of having a site without anyone going in. Owners of a website are continuously running the online business because of the profit they got from the traffic. Even the most optimized site will not be successful without any web traffic.

Increase Web Traffic through Articles

Wednesday, 14 September 2011 by

Web sites are perfectly designed for people who love to read, browse, and search for a certain topic or subject.

Articles have played a vital role in increasing web traffic in most sites. However, with the numerous articles, people do not actually spend their time reading the whole article. Most of them scan and skim over it.

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