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Being at the Top of Google Search is tough to get, and keep

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The Benefits, Implications and Responsibilities of Being Number 1 in Google

As many businesses have found or are still discovering, earning the number one search engine spot for any given keyword is far from easy. The companies that have earned this prized listing for their site have often spent many hours and large amounts of money for this prize. Once this prize has been earned, then more time and effort must be expended to ensure that your site remains in its highly coveted position. Furthermore, a high ranking site must be prepared to not only handle large volumes of traffic but also the responsibilities of being seen as an industry leader.

The Importance of Being Number One

Recent studies show that over 18% of all search engine users will automatically click on the first organic listing provided by Google's search engine. Just over 10% of users will click on the second listing while 90% of users never look beyond the first page of search engine results. Needless to say, being number one ensures that you will get not only a great deal of traffic but also a large volume of sales. A secondary benefit that many business owners are not aware of is the fact that being number one ensures that you are seen as a leading authority in your field. This means that other businesses will want to work with you and media outlets writing about your industry will want to hear from you. The networking opportunities that arise from your Google search engine placement can be even more profitable than the many sales you make online, while the media coverage will almost certainly ensure that even more interested potential customers will be eager to check out what you have to offer.

Maintaining a Holistic View of SEO

Many companies make the fatal mistake of viewing a top Google listing as a transactional matter. Such companies often hire SEO experts to use underhand SEO techniques that will help them earn a top ranking, at least on a temporary basis. When this ranking inevitably disappears, they hire other experts in an attempt to "game" their way to the top. While such tactics are effective in getting more customers, they do not enable a company to make valuable business deals and get positive media coverage. The companies that have a holistic view of SEO are the ones that succeed in the long term. Such companies understand that the privilege of having the number one spot for any Google search engine query brings with it the responsibility to act like an industry leader. Such companies not only work hard to attain and maintain their first page ranking but are also prepared to handle the business opportunities and media coverage that inevitably come with such a ranking.

How to Act Like a Leader

If you want to be viewed as an industry leader, you have to act like a business leader. Once you attain a high Google ranking, Google and your website visitors will expect you to produce high quality content on a very regular basis. This content includes not only blog posts but also infographics, webinars, podcasts, e-books, white papers, charts, etc. Your site will also need to include high quality content geared to potential partners. This content should include your company model, information related to company growth rate and an outline of future plans, developments and new products and/or services in the works. The content should be clear and credible to assure readers that you are genuine and a wise investment.

An industry leader will also be expected to provide information directed to press outlets. This information should be easy to find and must include not only information related to the company but also comments and information related to industry news and trends. Your site's press section should also include images and other graphics that a reporter, blogger or journalist can freely use.

Positive customer reviews, awards, trust marks and certifications should be prominently displayed on your site. These positive third party endorsements clearly show that you are in fact a leading authority in your field, not just someone who knows how to manipulate Google so as to earn a high ranking.

If you want to be seen as an industry leader, then you have to act like one. Google is continually changing its algorithms to ensure that only legitimate sites with high quality content are able to land a number one ranking for relevant keywords. If you need help in portraying your company in a positive light online, then now is the time to get professional assistance in this field. Doing so will enable you to earn a high ranking that will not diminish over time and which will earn the rewards that automatically come with being Number 1 for relevant search engine queries.
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