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Typically WordPress website design, redesign and development projects are not charged by the hour but rather by a total project cost depending on the unique requirements of the customer. Internet solution packages for web sites typically start around $900 and include 5-10 pages including graphics and hosting, but depending on the scope of the site and its requirements it may be more or less.


Start your Online Shop for under $1000! 


Hosting ? SEO ? Yes,. Options are Included. 

To find out how much your proposed wordpress web design project might cost, request a free quote. For smaller jobs and for short-term projects, we charge an hourly fee depending on the type of service performed. Typically, our hourly rate is between $50.00 and $90.00 per hour depending upon the service to be performed. Services proposed over $200 may require a 50% deposit and a written contract. Small Businesses will receive Package Pricing providing they meet specific criteria. Flexible payment plans are available. Discounts are available for payment in full upon project commencement.

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  • Layout

    Will you edit your website contents? layouts? or both?,
  • E-Commerce

    Will you be selling items on your website?
  • Media & Content

    Need to add videos, galleries, pages and contact forms?


To make this as easy and cost effective as possible we have combined the common requirements for full-fledged working websites, and put 2 packages together to take all the guesswork out of your decision on what packages you need to purchase!

There are many different factors that would affect the pricing greatly.. like application requirements and depth.

The depth of your website refers to the number of pages, and application requirements refers to actual functionality. Would you like a simple 5 page design? Are you looking for some very specific application that requires development? Ill set you on the right path.

I get quite alot of tilted heads and very loose "ok's" .. even my graphic designer tells me he lost me when i open my mouth (there's alot to know!), if you just don't know what type of website you need, contact me via skype or email and I will patiently go over all kinds of different web design options, website applications and how long it would take so you can make an informed decision on your website.

To see how much your project may cost, fill in this form and we will get back to you - STAT.

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