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My Relationship Philosophy

First off .. there is something you should know.

“Business Hours Subject to Change.
Check The SnowCast for Details” – Simon

“If you live in whistler and wanna join,. ill be at the gondi at 8:15!”

My customers are my friends,. my colleagues and mostly consists of people i respect and care about. I don’t accept everybody as clients, but i always give the best advise i can with 30 minutes free consultation.

I remember the very first program i ever wrote. it was in 1985. I was in Robs room on his Commodore 64. We were making the screen do all kinds of cool stuff like change colours.. scroll text and make a 3D ball move around the screen. i think i was in grade 7. what had dawned on me in the following days were all the things i can make this computer do. what can i make it say? a few months later i was sitting in the back of Mrs Wollard English class on one of the only computers in the school trying to make a form that would later be our examination paper. I’m not saying i was the first.. but i was on them icon smile  Vancouver

My college life consisted of an entrance into politics and law.. but shortly after starting i began taking courses on the latest languages to do what would normally take months programming in days. Basic (of which i was already affluent), C,C+ and later visual basic, .net, asp..
continuing to the more modern .php, javascript, and jQuery.

Affordable Pricing

Since we don’t have a big cushy office on Robson Street, and we don’t own a high-rise, or rent a glass corner office in a big office buildings in Vancouver, or have a bunch of excess overhead with receptionists and big salaries,. we can afford give you products and services that would cost you many thousands of dollars, for a fraction of the price.

With Guaranteed Quality and Durability


Whistler Web Guy

Hi there! My name is Simon, and i am a Website Designer and Internet Marketer. I started my career in 1997 after realizing that the future of commerce and investment will be online. Since then i have created over 200 websites and put another 200+ websites on the first page of Google. Feel free to make contact and find out why choosing Purple Turtle Productions is he right choice for you, and your business.

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