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Why Hire B2B Social Media Agency?

by / Monday, 24 December 2012 / Published in Social Media

social media solutions social media  Social Media Post mobile Marketing free Facebook Basic Accounts Forbes last week released a list of nine things a business should never do on social media. There’s a great concept to take away from the list: Even if your social media fail is nothing more than an honest mistake, once it’s out there for the world to see—there’s very little or no recovery.

Highlighted in bold are the points Shama Kabani, CEO of Marketing Zen Group, told Forbes are the most basic social media don’ts.

  1. Don’t mix up business and personal accounts. This seems fairly obvious, but this is such an easy mistake to make if you’re posting (especially on Twitter) from a mobile device … and I’m speaking from experience. Always double check the picture and the username before hitting “send.”
  2. Don’t post on Facebook Timelines. It’s obnoxious, enough said.
  3. Don’t share too much. My policy? Unless you specialize in one of these fields, always avoid sharing your opinion on the 3 B’s—bible, booze and Barack.
  4. Don’t blog other people’s stuff. See what I’m doing here? Sourcing Forbes and linking back to their site. Don’t plagiarize as it will get you into trouble.
  5. Don’t send invites to everyone. Again, it’s obnoxious … and lazy. I’ve lived in three major U.S. cities in the last six years. I can’t tell you how annoying it is when I receive an invite to a random event in New York when I haven’t lived there in six years. It is very sloppy and I quickly ignore all future invites from people who do this.
  6. Don’t highjack hashtags. Be original!
  7. Don’t Yelp back at critics. I think that if you can provide a reasonable explanation for why the user gave you negative feedback, including a sincere apology and without speaking poorly about your customer, you should go for it. It’s hard to do that, though, so I suppose Kabani’s point to just leave it be is on the money.
  8. Don’t write your own reviews. Don’t do it on TripAdvisor or Yelp or your own site. Consumers are more savvy than you think and they can tell if a review is fake.
  9. Don’t ask for follows on Twitter. Wouldn’t you rather have a page full of people interested in engaging with you and searching for your content rather than a page of empty followers?

Having a professional social media agency take care of your accounts is always a sure fire way to avoid simple, yet damaging mistakes that plague many small businesses. Have a chat with one of our consultants for free today and get your businesses social media under control.

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4 Responses to “Why Hire B2B Social Media Agency?”

  1. Jeff says : Reply

    Don’t you find a little disconnect with your fans and users when dealing with so many different niche’s?

    • Simon says : Reply

      Sometimes,. yes we do! Communication is very important, as well as the ability to reach out to our clients when we have posts or comments that we need an expert on. Usually what i would do is call or email the client and let them know they have a post comment or tweet from a lead that needs special attention and for the most part, the client will answer, or comment accordingly. Great Question!

  2. Jenn says : Reply

    Great post Stephanie

  3. Beverly says : Reply

    This is really great info. I work with social media for small businesses as I am a contractor and I have learned a lot from this post.

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